Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself"- Plato

I found this quote and thought it was very approriate for my post. I am having some severe mommy concerns. My little girl STILL isn't talking. She turned 23 months old today and right now she only says "More", "shoe", "tanks", and "mama". We have no concerns about how bright she is. She comprehends everything we say. Dave pointed out too that she never has been one to blow away the milestones like crawling, walking either. Pretty much just about the time I would get all worked up with worrying, she would decide it was time. I am thinking this will be no different. The last couple of weeks she does talk in sentences. We do not understand what she is saying at all but she is definitely trying to tell us something. This is different than before when she was just silent. So I am going to definitely have them test her hearing and anything else they think might be holding her back. I am ok if she needs some speech therapy. I just worry it's something big. I keep telling myself she's fine but its hard not to consider the worst.

On the things she does get, her comprehension astounds me. We can't have conversations with her unless we really mean what we are saying. I even mention the word "outside" and her little butt is at the door attempting to put her shoes on and then at the closet getting her jacket. The other day a friend watched her and Ella kept going to the door and to discourage her from wanting to go outside, she told Ella it was too cold."Brrr" she said. So Ella goes to the coat closet. Oh and I have to keep the back door locked. She doesn't try to escape without me - yet- but if the dog wants in, she is nice enough to open the door for her. The other day I forgot to lock it, walked into the kitchen,and all of a sudden I heard the door opening and then crying. She pinched her fingers closing it. And Ella is also a great "helper". She now thinks it is her job to empty the dishwasher and thinks anything is fair game. She goes first for the knives and plates. She is so sweet all the time. That is what I focus on when I am worried. No matter what she is the best thing to ever come into my life!


Barbara Manatee said...

Hang in there hon. I understand your concerns and hope she is just doing everything in her own time! (we've obviously talked and compared notes on our concerns for our kids lately...) She is such a happy and smart little girl! Definitely be a strong advocate for her at her appointment - better to cover all the possibilities and do some assessments than to put it off and wait and see longer. I know you're on top of it and that's the best thing you can do! Love you! *hugs*

monica said...

Kids all seem to develop at different speeds, so hopefully that is the case. Keep us posted on what you find out!