Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Update week 31.5

I had a baby checkup today. Everything was great. Actually, Dr used the word "perfect". Baby's heartbeat was strong. My blood pressure was great still, and I measured right on track. I felt relieved because I was worried I had really over done it at work this week. I was really uncomfortable and hurting last night when I got home. This baby is so much more aggressive than Ella. Right now he is kicking me right in the ribs. Ella just used to roll around real casual like. So funny how that is exactly how she is most of the time now...real laid back.

Ella went with me to the doctor for the first time in a really long time. She was so good. I was a little sad because I could tell she had lots of questions she was trying so hard to get out, but all she could really say was "mama" and "baby" the there was a bunch of babble mixed in. And as we left, she kept trying to talk to people but nothing much was coming out. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for her to know the words she wants to come out, but not be able to make them. Most of the time she is ok with it but I can see disappointment on her face when people don't really understand her. Dave and I just get her a lot more. Sometimes she will just say two words but because of the situation and where her eyes go, I can tell what she is trying to tell me. Maybe that is holding us back a bit. She is signing a lot too which means that when we aren't around she doesn't communicate much. She is so sweet though and always smiles and says what she can to everyone she meets. She is going to be a great big sister too!

Ella's New Do

So Ella has a lot of hair. I always did as a kid too. Still do really. it just grows a lot. We had been taking her to one of those kids' haircut places but the last time Dave took her she flipped out. Now it is closed. Her hair has been crazy and if I am not here to do it in the morning, Dave has to take her out and about with two flimsy barrettes. I don't think he even wants to learn how to do it. As long as Ella is good about brushing it, we will keep it long but I really wanted her to be able to have bangs she can see through! I kept telling Dave we just need to pin her down and chop her bangs, but he hasn't been home when I am and he was scared to try when I did mention it. Today after her much needed nap, I asked her if she would let me cut her hair. She looked doubtful but didn't say no right away. So I told her if she let me cut her hair, I would get out her scissors to practice cutting. She sat down in her booster seat and let me cut her bangs! She was so good and didn't even flinch. It's not perfect but she still looks cute!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby update week 29

I need to get a baby bump picture but whenever Dave is home, I look awful. Maybe this weekend when we are in Cleveland.

I went to get a checkup on baby today. 29 weeks- 11 more to go. ugh. I have gained 23 lbs which I think is better than I was at with Ella at this point. Still kind of high considering I have 11 weeks to go but it's manageable. Baby's heartbeat is really strong and everything with me is good. I go back every two weeks now. I remember with Ella I was so excited to go to the doctor but this time around, I think it's more work to go more often. I know he's good. He's kicking a lot. He really likes sugar. Yeah who doesn't? My glucose screening was very normal and my blookd pressure is really good. I have been pretty uncomfortable especially when trying to sleep but it comes and goes.

Ella is doing marvelous with her speech. She is just trying so hard. We think we may be up to 25-30 words now but it's been awhile since we wrote them down. She had a really rough week because she had a cold that turned into croup. It wasn't as bad as when she had it as an infant. I really got lots of cuddles that normally don't happen so there is a positive to a sick toddler. Lack of sleep wasn't fun though. She finally stayed in her bed all night last night so it looks like we didn't create a monster this week. Last night we went bowling with my coworkers who really hadn't seen her in awhile. Her little friend Rachel was there with her little brother. They ran and ran. Ella really likes the boys too. She is such a flirt. Everyone was getting hugs last night. I also played Ring Around the Rosey with the girls and Ella said "down" every time we fell down. And she even attempted her friend Rachel's name. It's easy to see that she still struggles to get the sounds out but when she is determined she can do it. She is picking up signs like crazy and except when she is really tired, she uses them to express her needs and even "thank you" and "please".

So that's it for us. Hopefully I will get some fun pics this weekend!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sesame Street Live

Following our rough weird day on Saturday was a great day on Sunday. We had tickets to go see Elmo Grows Up at the Fox Theatre. Ella looked so cute and pretty even with the lovely scratch on her forehead. Then when we got there we had an uneasy moment when she didn't want to leave the lobby to go find our seats. I am not sure what freaked her out but once we picked her up and talked her through it, she was ok. During the first song, I watched her face carefully. We had gone last year but I knew she wouldn't remember. I wasn't sure about how she felt until the end of the first song when she just burst into applause and had the biggest smile on her face. She loved the whole show and danced as much as the small space would allow her. It was a great time. I didn't get any real good pics because she was moving so much. Even before the show, all I could get is cheesy grins and silliness but they are cute pics. Her scratch is on the right side of her forehead. It looks so much better today.

The rest of the day went great too. Ella was in a wonderful mood. We took care of all the cats we are watching this week and enjoyed watching the Super Bowl on my parents' TV while they were out of town.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ups and Downs

So I had so many posts I knew I wanted to make but by the time Ella goes to bed, I am done. I can't keep my eyes open or I just can't get off the couch to get the camera and download pics. This pregnancy is so different for me. I am very hormonal this time around. I am a crabby ass who cries at the drop of a hat.

Ella and I have had a lot of good days and a lot of bad and I swear they seem to alternate - one good for one bad. I will just show highlights from the good days. The bad days have just involved a lot of "no" and even some huge tantrums. Fortunately only one injury.

We made cookies a few weeks ago. It was a great time. Ella was really good at listening and so excited about helping. She is a great helper all the time but when the reward is cookies she is even better.

The pics following the cookie ones were various at play. the first one appears to have caught her in midsentence. Look how hard she concentrates when she plays!

Yesterday was a very disappointing day but ended well. I had a plan in my head but it just didn't work out. We didnt get anywhere in decent time because apparently everyone was running errands yesterday. Then nap time not only didn't happen but ended in injury that I mentioned before. Ella fell off our bed. I put her in there hoping for less distraction and she would get much needed asleep. I heard several loud thumps and everytime I checked she had knocked a book off into floor or had thrown a pillow. I was giving it one last try before I would give up and I heard another loud thump followed by screaming. I found Ella on the floor where she had hit her head on a basket. I couldn't figure out what had happened and with her crying she wasn't really going to be able to tell me. After she calmed down, i was able to get out of her that she did not jump but just fell. I even got a demostration. I was so worried she had decided to jump and the way she landed definitely could have caused internal damage. She has a huge scrape on her forehead now. I guess it could be worse.

The day ended well. We had movie night and Ella really had fun watching Wall-E and eating her popcorn. She even laughed and talked during the movie. It made up for the incredibly long day we had.

Following a really bad day is a really great day, but I don't have the energy to type and need to download more pics :). So stay tuned!

*Edited to add that I have yet again had difficulties getting the spacing right between pics. Ugh. I have tried everything! This morning I thought I would add that Ella is indeed wearing a Home Depot apron. We got it at the parade and she always wants to wear it.