Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halloween already?

*Edited to update on back- my back is fine. Dr. said I probably had a spasm due to a slightly herniated disc. He said they usually fix themselves with some anti-inflammatory drugs. It still bothers me when I decide to be a human airplane or a horse for the day but other than that I am good.

I just have no concept of time anymore. Halloween is almost upon us. What is everyone going to be? Ella is going to her first Halloween party and her friends, Annabel and Sophie's house. We are all very excited. We were going to be a monkey- see below. But I decided that I have no time to make a monkey and the ones i found were super expensive. So we went to Walmart (to maybe find parts to a monkey) and found a horsie costume. It is pretty cute but how much you want to bet that the hood will not be acceptable? She won't even wear a hat so how am I going to get her to wear a horse's head? This year has flown so quickly. I have been really bad at this blogging thing again. All I can say is the last few weeks, work was hell and not worth talking about. On a great positive note, I am working from home a couple days a week and loving it!! It has been going really well. My boss is ok with it as well so far. Ella seems to be really taking off now. She is walking almost running more, and she seems to be saying more now too. Her official repertoire includes "mama", "dada", "oosh" (shoe), "more", and lots of baby language that I think we need a translator for. Oh and she makes monkey noises. It was a total fluke. I started being a monkey - "ooh ooh ahh ahh" and next thing I knew, Ella was going "ahh ahh ahh". So she does it all the time now. To make up for my lack of posting. I am finally adding pics and video to show. Hope you enjoy!!!

I think there should be a law that no parent is allowed to throw away appliance boxes without first letting their child play for at least a day. Ours lasted 2.5 days before Ella stopped paying attention to it and it just took up space.
What kid doesn't love spaghetti? Ella gets really serious about hers. Now there are sometimes pics of your kids that you are not sure you want to share and the one below definately falls into that category....this is not my child. I am thinking of getting an exorcist or the TAPS team out to my house.
Here is a cute video of Ella. It is a demonstration of her extreme intelligence