Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Belated Memorial Day- Monday disguised as Tuesday Part 1

What a beautiful weekend! We really had a great one. Unfortunately we didn't see Dave much. He had Friday off but got called in around 4. Of course I was getting my first haircut in 6 months when he got the call. I got home and he was getting ready to leave. It sucked. Cool thing though- my hair looks great! I just hate that when they style it at the salon it looks so much better than I could ever do. I should have taken a picture. They used a flat iron on my hair (at my request) to see what would happen. I looked at least 5 years younger! Dave even said it was the best hairdo I had ever. So I was all excited and went out to purchase a flat iron. Apparentally that was a once in a lifetime do. I can keep practicing but since I don't have four arms and they are not 6 feet long, I don't think the magic will happen again.

So that was Friday- I don't really remember the rest of the night. I know Ella and I went somewhere, but it must not have been terribly exciting. Saturday morning- I had a plan. We headed off to the Farmer's Market to pick up some vegetable plants in case mine started from seeds don't pan out (so far so good though!). Then I wanted to rush back and pack a lunch to take to the zoo. The ideal outcome would be to arrive at the zoo no later than 11 so it wasn't as crowded. We arrived back from the market at 9:30. I rush in to make sandwiches....ummmm no bread. Guess we are eating there. So I grab some snacks and start packing Ella's bag. Can't find the sunscreen. Oh and there's stuff that HAS to go in the mail. So quick trip to Target and then the post office and then on to 75 to goto zoo. At the post office,it hits me- I don't have my house keys. Which ordinarily wouldn't worry me too much because I can just get Dave's and if they are lost, it will be a hassle but fixable. The problem this time was my mom's apt key was on there, and we are taking care of her cat. I really didn't want to kill Nell. She's a good kitty. My mind and heart start racing. Where did I throw them? Why didn't I put them back with my car keys? So I trace back and I remember locking the house, but I don't remember having them at Target. So best case scenario- they are at the house in the yard. Worst case- somewhere in Target, Target's parking lot, or in someone else's pocket. I try not to drive 80 back to our house or think of the huge crowd that will be at the zoo by the time we finally figure this out. So we get to the house and I don't even have to pull in before I see my keys shining brightly in the driveway. I take a deep breath and finally head off to the zoo. On the way, Ella falls asleep. I handled the bumps well I think. I went through the Burger King drive thru and got lunch for us. Took the long way to the zoo and when we got there, Ella was well rested and it was only 12:30. Of course, everyone and their brother arrived at the same time, but Ella ate her lunch while we waited in line. I found that just mommy and daughter at the zoo goes well. We manuever much faster than most. So we pretty much hit everythin

Sunday we went to a coworker's house for a BBQ. Ella wore herself out playing outside. No nap! We had a lot of fun. She looked so pretty in her little dress. We really had a nice relaxing day. Ella didn't want to leave, and with no nap, we had quite a meltdown. She passed out in the car and really never woke up even through getting her pjs on. Poor girl was exhausted.

Yesterday was beautiful. I thought it was going to rain so I had planned on getting the house spotless, but since it was so nice, we spent the afternoon outside. Ella got to hang out in her little pool. That was fun. She is such a laid back kid. She just sat and played with her tub toys like it was bath time. We had dinner out with Dave and that was it.

Oh quick update- Ella talked a lot this weekend! I am still concerned that she is mostly babbling but at least she is making sounds now. We have a dr appt tomorrow and I plan on talking about her hearing. Also my friend, Barb, pointed us in the direction of an early intervention service that we can check into.

Ok today is a two poster because I wanted to cover the weekend and today seperately.
Here are some pics from Sunday. The second is Ella and her pal, Rachel.

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Barbara Manatee said...

wow! I'm tired after reading about all that!!! Put those keys in your pocket babe and hold on to them! hehe!

OMG - that picture of Ella - first she looks JUST like you...and second - she looks so grown up!!! wow!! Can't believe she's almost 2! Got your invite today and plan to be there!!! Love ya!