Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Finally - some new pics!

Wow, way too long since I updated. We are doing good. Ella is getting to be such a big girl now. Still not saying much but she definitely comprehends so I am trying not to worry. The weather WAS beautiful so we have been spending so much time outside. Ella loves the outdoors. She doesn't have but a few toys, but she likes to walk around and pick up sticks. We found a simple slide for $5 on craigslist. Ella loves it. The only downside to going outside is that we can't get her back in without a fight. Her tantrums have gotten so bad. Fortunately they don't happen too often. I am learning the best way is to just not give in.

I am very bummed- I made a prototype of Ella's 2nd birthday invites. It turned out so cute! I worked so hard on it too. Then last night I went to put away the stamps I had cleaned and I couldn't find the number 2. They are clear stamps so hard to see against the white paper towel where they were drying. I scoured the floor and even stuck my hand in the garbage disposal with food in it! Ew. I think it is lost :(. I am going to try to find a similar sized 2 but it will mean having to buy a whole set of numbers. Dave is so sweet though. He was telling me to just buy a new set of the birthday stamps ($15!!). Just not worth it. If I have to do the "2", I could just draw it in. More work though. I could just have no 2 also. I just hate when things walk away like that! So frustrating.

Ok here are some pics from the last couple of months. I am trying to organize our photo site so I can email family and friends pics. So maybe by the time she's three I can send updates. Loved ones, don't hold your breath!

Ella's tea party

Ella and her friend Rachel

kissing babies

post fall at daycare- thank goodness it wasn't her eye!

the perfect snow angel

Ella loves hats!

Cool shades!

Mommy and her girl- We love Sarah McLachlan!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Taking a break

So I am taking a break from working at home today. While trying to figure out what to eat next (seriously having a hard time with the food lately), I decided to google myself for the first time in a long time. Now I didn't use my married name because well I haven't had it long enough really. So I googled Heather Hurley...
Check this out.


This is my life story. I am not sure which part rings truer- the career as a successful stripper or that I hang out with a guy named Joe, who is really God and has a prosthetic leg. After reading the synopsis, I think I would be asleep before the 2nd paragraph ends. I do like the stripper part. Lots of green to be made there. hmmm....ok, maybe in the next life. Now I have to get back to typing reports.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sad news

Dave's dad, Ernie, passed away at 2:30 AM on April 4. Dave's mom, Dave, and his brother, John, were all there when he went peacefully. It has been a rough year for all of them. Dave and his dad were really close and were always doing things together. His dad wasn't able to do as much these last couple of years, but Dave still went to spend time with him as much as possible. Unfortunately, I only got to know his dad for a couple of years before he started to get sick. I do have memories though. Dave is a lot like his dad and that was very easy to see right away. His dad was a gentle, intelligent man. He seemed to love history and geography and was always telling me stories from the places they had been and showing us maps to help us plan our trips. He also seemed to throw out jokes at the most unexpected times and have us all cracking up. He will be so missed by his family and friends.