Monday, January 12, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

Last week was such a series of ups and downs for me. I started the week so worried about the future because the last conversation I had at work suggested I was done at the end of January. On Tuesday when I was working at home, a coworker said my boss wanted to know when I was due exactly. I was baffled. Why would he be asking again? So come back on Wednesday and he lets me know that he found a way for me to stay until the end of March unless I find something else. This was great news because it puts us that much closer to Luke's birth knowing that we at least have this job and benefits. I am going to continue to look but honestly, although they can't say it - who is going to hire a six month pregnant woman? I wouldn't.

Having a date finally for my exit here has really helped us plan. We know what has to be done and are finally starting to chip away. This weekend I got our pantry cleaned out. It wasn't gross really but there were a lot of expired items that I just couldn't believe I missed. We also went and stocked up at Costco which was expensive but we really shouldn't have to do it that often. Our next step has to be getting rid of Stuff. Lots of Stuff. We just don't have the room. We have a decision to make on who will sleep where. I don't want to kick Ella out of her room but I also don't want to paint two rooms. I am thinking of moving her to the room that is the office and painting it all girly and pretty for her. Then they can both use the bigger bedroom as a play room as well as it will be where Luke sleeps. If we keep Ella where she is now- there is blue carpet so we either have to match that or get new floor covering.

Ella has been such a happy, energetic girl lately. We have had our moments but we are learning that Ella just can't be couped up in the house too long. This is hard considering it has been so cold and snowy lately. Example, both Friday and Saturday mornings we had several time outs but once we went out to run errands, she was a happy girl for the rest of the day and napped well on top of it. The talking is going so so. She has days where she is just a chatterbox but most of it is babble. Here and there we get random clear words and even some sentences but she won't repeat it for us. It's very odd. I am just enjoying her extreme silliness and loving every giggle right now. Soon her whole life is going to turn upside down and she has no idea.


monica said...

I'm so glad your job will last through March. That has to be such a relief to know it's not ending as soon as you anticipated!

Barbara Manatee said...

We did a big 'stock up' trip to Sam's and Meijer's a few weeks ago - the pantry and freezer are stocked full! Just need to worry about basics like milk, eggs and bread mostly :-) (got lots of easy to cook things, too...haha!

We have purged some stuff with cleaning out the basement, but more needs to be done. Just didn't get to it all.

just emailed you about the rest of it...:-) Good luck keeping up with Energetic Ella! Have you tried the mall playgrounds or any tot classes?

HeathSaw said...

Ella loves the mall playground but I refuse to go unless its in the middle of a weekday. We have her class two days a week and it is so fun for her.

I really don't know where they find the energy! Wish I could borrow some.