Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday pics finally!

I must have not taken any at Dave's mom's. I thought I did :(. We were always busy there since we had little time together this year. I did get some great ones of Ella on Christmas morning though. Santa brought Ella a Thomas Train that Mama now can't put back together!! I think we are missing a piece. It's ok though because she puts it together her way and is happy. Also Dave's mom got her a Bitty Baby little girl who looks just like her. My mom got Ella the cutest dollhouse which is a perfect size for our tiny house.

So pics of Cookie making, Ella with the train, the dollhouse, one with Grandma at the piano, and one with Grandpa. My favorite though is a pic taken the other night here at home with Bitty baby and Ella in their matching jammies. I wasn't so sure of this American Girl stuff but I have to admit it is all super adorable. She also got a little potty for the baby. I am hoping it will help start up the potty training again because we haven't had much luck since the first time she successfully went poop and decided it was just too gross to go in the potty. Seriously that was it for her :). Ok enough random rambling.


Barbara Manatee said...

oh! I LOVE the one of her and her baby!! Sooooo sweet!

Alanna/Tim said...

Heather your daughter is gorgeous!

HeathSaw said...

Alanna- thanks :) She really is precious and so sweet. we are really lucky.

Barb-I am so tempted to look online for more matching outfits. She gets the little boy that goes with when Baby Luke arrives. We are in trouble then!

monica said...

I love the matching outfits! I used to have a doll named Gina and we had several matching outfits.