Monday, January 19, 2009

Hoping it keeps rolling

So with our upcoming addition to our family comes a HUGE problem with our house. It's just not big enough. Right now baby will sleep in our room for his entire life :). Nah we would give him a drawer eventually in Ella's room. JK. We have been making great progress in the house as far as just cleaning and getting organized. We even managed to get rid of some stuff to Salvation Army this weekend. If we do this much every weekend we can, we should be done by the time they go to school.

I have been feeling just ok the last few days. I am so uncomfortable but my energy level is better. I get a rush of adrenaline when I am accomplishing things. I am really trying not to over do it. I have a feeling that my lack of comfort comes from baby deciding to use my organs as a punching bag. Ella was always much more considerate of where she kicked or punched me. She was an active but very laid back baby. Yeah not so much this time around. At first I really thought it was just pains in general until I realized they always came with his movements. My prolapse seems to be causing a lot of discomfort as well which stinks cause I thought it was feeling a lot better. Dr said this could be a problem because baby will take up more and more room as we go along. I am just glad he is obviously growing. I just hope he doesn't get too big.

Speaking of big babies- congratulations to our friends' Barb and Paul!! Little Adam came into the world on Tuesday at 9 lbs 4 oz. Baby and family are all doing great and adjusting to life with a newborn again. Barb was so quick with pics :). He is beautiful!

I always have so much to say when I go too long without posting. Last thing!! Ella went to her first movie at a movie theater yesterday!! We had a good time. I started to worry the night before because she never even makes it through a half hour TV show. We were going with our friends, Rachel and Martha, and I knew Rachel would really be into it. Ella did really good considering the length and complex story line. We went to see Tale of Despereaux. It was very cute and beautiful to look at. I had to go to the restroom and would take Ella with me to stretch her legs and let her run a bit before going back. Once I had to take her out because she wasn't listening at all to me asking her to at least stand in front of her seat. It went fine though. She understands so much for one that expresses so little. She understands when I explain why she is in trouble for not listening. This weekend she had a lot to say but again not much we could understand. At one point though, she looked at me and said "mama, what doing?" And I looked at Dave and asked, "did she just ask me what I was doing?" There was a lot of hugs on that one. She is starting to put words together a little more often. Especially when she talks to Gibby for some reason. I hear "Hi ibby", "Bye ibby", and most fun- "IBBY SIT!!" She says that in a very stern voice. I feel bad cuz I know I yell at the dog a lot but the dog has gotten really bad about listening. Funny the paralells between toddlers and dogs. For both Ella and Gibby, they are both smart enough to know that sometimes it is worth getting in trouble :).

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Barbara Manatee said...

Glad to hear you're making some progress around the house. Nesting some? haha! Sorry tho that the lil dude is so rough on you - hang in there!