Sunday, March 2, 2008

Attempt #10

So I started a post a week or so ago and kept trying to finish it, but I just had to start over. I kept holding off because I wanted to post pics but our computer is being so cranky and slow.

Ella is being such a big girl lately. She is finally starting to repeat some words back to us, but we usually only get them out of her once. I think she is going to start spewing words one of these days and floor us all. We have been struggling with naps lately. She used to go down right after lunch without a fight and now we have to wait until she is just exhausted which doesn't usually happen til 3. I am always almost tempted to just go without but then she just gets irrational. I feel like we spend half the day just trying to get a nap. It is cute to listen to her when you try to lay her down and she isn't ready. She sings :). I think she is practicing for American Idol. She is a big fan of Chekeezie. Ella is also the sweetest girl. She is SO into hugging. Tonight we were saying goodbye to Dave's brother and his family. They have two girls who are so sweet and adore Ella. Well the little one got her hug,then another, and then her sister got one, then Aunt Grace, then Dave's mom, then Uncle John, then back to her cousins, etc. Everyone got 4 hugs except for the lil Kate who got at least 6. The amazing part was this was mostly all her own. A couple gentle nudges towards the right people at first but then it was just all Ella. That's how she is too. She just brings sunshine wherever she goes.

Our family has been going through a rough patch, and it is something I hesitated on posting about because I am not sure how to explain. Dave's father has a disease called Lewy Body Dementia. It is in the same family as Alzheimers, but it is also similar to Parkinson's, but it seems to be much more progressive than either. So although he has had symptoms for awhile now, the worst has definitely been the last year. He has really gone downhill since last summer when he lost the ability to swallow. He has been such a fighter, but it progressed very quickly. It is looking like he may finally end his battle with the disease soon. So please keep Dave's mom and his family in your thoughts over the next few weeks.


monica said...

I am so sorry to hear things have gotten so much worse for Dave's dad. I will keep you, Dave and Dave's family in my thoughts.

Barbara Manatee said...

Love hearing all the sweet things about Ella but sorry to hear the news about Dave's dad. Will surely keep you all in our prayers!