Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day

Ok being of Irish descent you would think I would celebrate this fun holiday more, but for some reason, I have never managed to really get my Irish on. Something always comes up. Even in college, I don't remember much green beer drinking going on. I have a chance to today but now I have been asked to dinner by my sister in law and that would be fun too. Plus I think I have what Ella had - (I washed my hands like twenty times a day but then Ella would be sleeping on me and I swear she purposefully turned her head around just to cough on me). Everyone at work is ditching early to go to the bar. What do I do? On one hand, I could really use some time out, but on the other, I should be with family. Decisions, decisions.

On being sick, I feel kind of bad for Dave. He really is such a great, patient man. When Ella started feeling better, Dave tried to say he was sick and I just shot him down and told him I didn't want to hear it. Basically I told him to suck it up. So Friday I started to feel icky and pretty much whined every night this weekend. Dave was so sweet about it. He got me things and said he hoped I would feel better soon. Not once did he mention the fact that I was totally unsympathetic when he felt sick. I love you, Dave! You put up with so much.

After spending a week with Ella when she is sick, I am reminded of how happy Ella truly is all the time. I missed her smile so much when she was ill, and this weekend it was so much fun having her back to her old self again. She was cute, giggly, and full of hugs.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Dave's dad is still with us. I will probably email everyone any news.

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Barbara Manatee said...

Glad Ella is better but sorry to hear you and Dave have fallen victim too. Paul and I both got the kids' latest germs too - I still 'sound' bad but am feeling mostly better. Now the kids have some unexplained fever and their noses are like faucets...ugh! does it ever end??