Monday, March 24, 2008

Ella found HER holiday

Ella loves Easter egg hunts! She got the concept SO fast. Dave and I were shocked. We practiced once at home because I really just wanted a bit of Easter there. Then we went to Dave's parents' house where the Easter Bunny hid 75 eggs! That is a lot of eggs. Fortunately Ella, Kate, and Allie were all very quick at finding them. Ella's cousins are so good and patient with her. They even gave her some of their eggs. Trust me though- she picked up a ton on her own.

I wish we had pics. Dave and I decided to video the festivities, but we should have grabbed the digital camera too because the camcorder was dead. Hopefully Dave's brother will get us some pics soon. Also no pretty Easter dress for Ella. Just no time. Maybe next year! I promise to catch up on some pictures when everything settles down.

Not much else new here. Just wanted to share how fun Ella found hunting for eggs.

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Barbara Manatee said...

Oh! I bet she was so cute! J&S were too enthralled with watching the other kids run around last weekend to get the eggs themselves. And then when the Easter Bunny appeared - it was all over. We thought about hiding them at grandma's but they enjoyed digging out of their basket all the same ;-) Glad Ella had so much fun! And frilly dress or not - she's just about the cutest thing (next to Sarah that is..hehehe!)
Love ya!