Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our weekend

So I forgot to post about our weekend yesterday. I really just needed to catch up on the big things first :). I feel great today. Could be the extra half cup of coffee that I let myself have this morning.

This weekend was my niece's 4th birthday! She's such a big girl now. We went down for the party my brother and Jenny were having. It went really great! The kids all had fun especially the birthday girl. I wish I had pics but sadly I didn't remember. Seems to be a theme lately. This is the second weekend in a few months that Ella and I have headed down to just spend the weekend with them. We usually all gather at my sister's and it's fun but always crazy and we always leave feeling like it just wasn't enough time together. I need to do this kind of weekend with my sister's family too because it was so relaxing. And my brother is the sweetest guy. He is so great with kids and without his energy I think the party would have fizzled. Ella just adores him. She would actually walk up and tell him things randomly. Not always really clear but enough came through that you could get the gist. Part of me was so excited that she wanted to communicate and another part was jealous because it wasn't with me. But she's trying! And he made sure I ate well :). After the girls finally crashed, we played a game. Ever played Risk? We played the Godstorm version. It was fun but complicated and very long! We only made it through 4 rounds but I am happy to say that at the end of that round I was winning! Not a common thing for me. To be fair, my brother and Jenny were drinking wine and very tired.

Wow I am on a role this week with posts :). We'll see how it goes. One more note- poor Dave has a bum knee. It has been bothering him for a couple of weeks now. Last night he finally admitted he had to go to urgent care. I thought 1) we'd be out in an hour. 2) they'd give him some muscle relaxers and send him on his way because he just pulled a muscle. 2 hours with a very energetic 2 year old in a urgent care full of germs was just too much. We stayed in there for maybe 30 or 40 minutes and then headed to the car for some entertainment. Thank goodness for portable DVD players. When he came out, I was so tired. So so tired. And the smell of our leftovers from dinner was killing me. After getting settled back in the car, I looked at him very annoyed and said "Well what did they say?" Now looking back I guess that wasn't very sensitive of me. They think it is something with his ligaments or his cartilage, and they referred him to an orthopedic surgeon. Ugh. So we will see what happens. Wow I had a lot to say this morning. :)

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Barbara Manatee said...

I've been meaning to comment all week and keep forgetting!
Glad you had such a great weekend in OH but sorry to hear about Dave's knee. I can relate to a bum knee!

Oh...and I just tagged you to play a lil game on my blog...