Monday, October 6, 2008

Exciting news!

I am sure many of you can guess what's coming next! We are expecting! I am 11 weeks pregnant this week. Due date right now is around April 27. It was a HUGE shock to us! We weren't going to try until next year once we figured out what was going on job wise. We are very excited though. It has been a little stressful thinking about the future. My job here ends soon. There was a possibility of moving to Texas, but I found out last week that it isn't going to happen and honestly that relieved so much stress for me! With the iffy economy, finding a job may be tough. I have never had a problem before though, and this time we may try to get something part time with less hours. IF we can make the money work. Big IF for anyone. We are trying to prepare for it while my job still lasts though.

Physically, I have been feeling so yuck. Last week I finally started to get some of my energy back, and I haven't been as nauseous. For about 2 weeks though I felt so horrible and so tired. I feel like poor Ella is the one really suffering though. After work I would just lay on the couch. I would play and talk to her while resting though. I tried anyway. My girl is making some progress. She is saying about 5 more words clearly, and really trying to talk a lot more. Daycare even said she has started trying to communicate with them which makes me SO happy. We have our first actual session at the end of the month. We met to set goals. We set two major ones for her by age 3. The first is just to get her try start communicating her needs and wants with us. Second, to speak 150 words clearly. Hopefully she will have so many more but we want at least 150 articulate words. Right now we haven't started speech therapy, but I suspect it will happen. We agreed that we should give her a chance to get started on her own for a couple of months to see if it's mostly her personality holding her back. She is so bright though. She amazes us everyday of what she does comprehend. And her nonverbal communication is expanding too. She is picking up some signs. Also when you tell her "I love you", she blows you a kiss. She also blows a kiss to say thank you.

Such a long post- maybe if I did this more often it wouldn't be so long. Oh well, I will leave you with a couple of pics. Ella with her sporty braids and one of her playing in her play house before it got cold.


monica said...

Oh Heather, congratulations!! How exciting!! :) Are you going to find out what you're having this time?

Sister Sassy said...

So I'm so out of date on you and your life-just got the heads up from Monica who I just said hi to on Sunday.

So, congrats!!

Both my kids were late talkers, Kindred didn't talk really until well after 2 years old. We did baby signs and that was helpful.

Sawyer only just recently had a language explosion the last few months and he's 2 1/2

and everyone in my family is fond of saying that I didn't talk till I was three...then I didn't shut up. 32 years of that.

Anyway, long time no see and happy pregnancy. Cute girl btw

-Jacque Burke

Barbara Manatee said...

You know I am so excited for you hon! Congrats again! :-) Sorry to hear you've been feeling crummy...I'll agree - it sometimes seems harder this time, trying to take care of myself along with the kiddos, too! So glad to hear you're not heading to Texas, too! yeah!!! Things will all work out here - they always do, right? ;-)

LOVE the pics of Ella - esp the one in the braids - she looks so big!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather! Congrats on baby #2!!