Monday, October 20, 2008

Kalahari - for little and big kids

Some time during the summer my mom mentioned that we would all should get away one weekend before winter sets in. We were all game. So she booked us a suite here:

It was our family of three, my mom and dad, my brother's family of three, my sister's family of 4, and a friend of my niece's. I have to say that I think we were all a little hesitant to how it would go. We had two little ones who are always unpredictable and noone knew much about the place. It finally dawned on me last week that I wouldn't be able to do as much since I was expecting so I was a little worried I would be bored.

No reason at all to be concerned! We all had such a great time. This place was huge with so much to do. Ella never stopped smiling. She loves the water and became a pro on the water slides. They had the cutest little kid section, and her and I were able to do the Lazy River together. I felt bad though cuz she got nailed a couple of times by waterfalls. She did great though and most of them made her laugh. There were a couple of times I caught the "what are you doing to me, Mom?" after she got a face full of water. I pretty much was with Ella the whole time so Dad could go catch some grownup slides. The big "kids" all seemed to really enjoy those. They also had a pretty good arcade and a huge playspace for kids. It was a huge structure that you could climb around end with lots of obstacles and then in the middle they had a ball area where people could shoot balls at each other or just play. They had this chute type thing that would shoot a bunch of balls at one time in the air. Ella loved that! She kept piling them in there and then hitting the button. She'd laugh so hard everytime they went up and came down. Here is a picture of the ball area.

So because it was wet and crowded, we didn't get any pictures. I could have gone back to get the camera but we were all having so much fun and it was hard to track everyone down that I didn't bother. I did get one I will have to add later of Ella and her cheesy picture smile. She has started making this really strange face whenever a camera is pointed at her. It's hilarious. If you ever get a chance to check this place out, it is so much fun!


KellBell said...

We went last year for a conference for Tom. Maya had a good time but was sick and since I was by myself we didn't do too much. But we're going back again next month for the conference again and my sister and her family will be joining us. I plan on much more fun this time!!

HeathSaw said...

I am sure you will!! I just loved seeing Ella have so much fun. Hope you are feeling good!

Barbara Manatee said...

My friend Brooke has been there several times and of all the water park hotels they've been to- she says this one is their favorite. They were just there last week, too! We had hoped to do something like that this summer, but the kids weren't too sure of the water yet, so we figured it was better to wait on spending that $$ when we knew they'd enjoy it. We'll definitely have to get down there in the next year or two!!

Glad you had such a good time - what a great family trip!!

monica said...

Sounds like so much fun! I am obsessed with going to a water park hotel at some point. We went inside Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City last time we were up there just to check it out and I was in utter disbelief at how cool it looked!