Monday, June 9, 2008

It finally happened

Ok I will later post pics of playing in the cool fountains at the mall. We went back yesterday with my parents and we had a great time! It was so very hot. We had a great day overall. I survived my first bachelorette party in a long time without too much of a hangover. We then went to hang out with my mom and dad after Dave mowed the lawn and Ella got her nap so everyone was happy. After the mall, as we headed home we saw the horrible black clouds that were sitting west of us and heading our way fast. I told Dave that we should get to my Mom's apt and wait it out. Very good decision! The wind was so strong and while we were on our way the sirens started going off. I was so scared! We made it safely and after it was all over, we decided to stay and play Wii Fit for a little while. It was so much fun and I have to brag that I kicked everyone's butt. So then we headed home.

We thought we were ok from the storm because we really didn't see much damage on our way home. Then we got about a block away and it was awful. Where before we saw twigs and small branches, now there were whole trees on the ground and the street lights were out. As we drove down the street, I had this sinking feeling. This is what we saw when we got home:

The last one is not our pool- we wish we had a pool. That was the neighbor's pool that OUR tree decided to take out. The fence isn't ours either. So we had no actual property damage. The front does not look that bad in that pic but it was pretty messy. The back was much worst. Amazingly enough, we just have a lot of clean up to do right now. We already got the front done. If you look at the top of the trees you can see the pretty sizable limbs stuck up there waiting to fall. We are nervous about those. The tree service guys were out tonight. They got started. Guess what? None of the tree removal is covered. It stinks! I am just glad everyone was ok especially our neighbors who were swimming moments before the storm hit.

So now, a lot of money later, we have words of wisdom for people with old big trees- trim them regularly. If the ppl who had the house before us had started, and we kept it up, we would be ok probably. I knew this would happen someday but the idea of getting up there was so daunting. We are hoping that they will grow back in and we can maintain them regularly. Right now we still have no power, and it is storming again. Dave is at the house :(. We miss him. We are chilling at my moms which makes for more driving but at least we are comfortable. Anyways thankfully we are all safe and so is our house!!


Barbara Manatee said...

OMG! Thank goodness you are all ok and no major damage was done. I know the clean up sucks, but I'll take some fallen limbs over a sun roof in your family room!

Hope your power comes back on again soon! Looks like the storms going through now missed us - sorry you're getting hit again! The worst of everything missed us all weekend - got some crazy storms, but no damage and never lost power - whew!

hang in there hon and stay safe! So glad you stopped at your mom's instead of heading right home!

monica said...

Wow, how scary! Glad you guys are ok!

We didn't get hit too bad. It was much worse in Troy near my office than it was at home. Even today many of the traffic lights are out and it made getting to work difficult. Too bad my office didn't lose power - I wouldn't have minded a few days off!

Barbara Manatee said...

I know you will..but make sure you read the blog from today - I sent you some love!