Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a long month

Those pics make me want to be a kid again. While watching Ella play in the fountains, I felt like I wanted to jump in too. These are the pics I promised from the mall with the cool fountains. Ella has so much fun there.

The last two weeks have been so insane at work. I am behind now but at least feel a little less pressure. One of my coworkers got married and while she was gone I tried really hard to step up. I did a good job but the effort left me brain dead.

We have had a lot of things going on. Ella turned 2 on June 20. Yay Ella!! We had a great birthday party with lots of friends and family. I have zippo pics from the party right now except what my friend Barb was nice enough to send me. Thanks, Barb!!

I do have pics of the family party later that night to celebrate both my niece Sydney's 9th birthday and Ella's. Ella got the cutest doll from my mom and some yoga videos from my brother and fam. Sydney got a huge Star Wars lego set from us and my folks. And then she got the guitar from my brother and Jenny. Our Syd is such a character :). The last pic is the birthday hat Syd made for her

Ella and her cuz Saoirse

Ella and her cake

Sorry about all the funky spacing. Still can't figure out what I am doing wrong!


Barbara Manatee said...

What mall has the fountains like that? I want to come down and shop with you and let the kids play!! How fun! I think we're going to try out a splash pad next week with the kiddos...hoping they like it!

HeathSaw said...

They are at Partridge Creek mall. I would love if you guys could go there with us. It has neat stores too. Kinda high end so I can never actually buy anything but that is a good thing :).

Let me know when you guys have a Sat or Sunday free!