Thursday, June 5, 2008

Drama on the block

So last night I am trying to cram in all my Wed night shows that I DVR. There are quite a few and I never get them all in. So it is about 10:40 or so and all of sudden there was this huge bang! The only thing I could think of was that it sounded like a shotgun. My first thought- crap the neighbors are shooting each other. And I am alone with Ella. So I run and check that the doors are locked, then go sit on the couch and try to figure out what to do. My first instinct was to grab Ella and hide in our room and wait for sirens. Now that was an extreme reaction. I grabbed my phone and waited. Then I heard some pops that were definitely fireworks. Why the heck are there fireworks going off?


I know I am a moron. Maybe Dave and I need to stop watching the Sopranos every day.


monica said...

That is hilarious! You should've been watching the game!! :)

HeathSaw said...

I should add that not only did I not watch the game- I was a bit annoyed when they cut off my show to announce it :). This is where it shows that I am not a Michigan native. I am very happy for them but I still don't understand hockey so it makes no sense for me to watch the game.

HeathSaw said...
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Barbara Manatee said... crack me up!! I had the game on while doing homework and checking my mail. Probably the only game I've watched all season...but glad to have seen them win the cup. :-)