Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy belated birthday, Dave

So I posted our first post yesterday and forgot to mention it was Dave's birthday too. Somewhere I lost a year and thought he was 36 again. So we made a pact. Dave will be 36 again and I will be 29 again come November :). So Happy 36th birthday, Dave!!

I felt bad because we didn't do anything big for his birthday. We barely saw each other. So wonderful wife that I am, I took cupcakes to his work to share. My mom used to do that for me when I was in school. Big difference- she made them from scratch. Yeah, I just went to Meijers. We had a nice dinner at McDonalds together and then he worked until 3 am. It was very romantic.

We did have a date this past weekend to celebrate anniversary mostly. We saw the Bourne Ultimatum. What a great movie!!! It was definately an action movie extreme but it was Matt Damon so.... Good date movie. We then went out to BDs Mongolian barbeque. That was fun because we can never do that place with Ella.

Two days of posting in a row...I'm on a roll! Ok truthfully my boss is gone so it is really quiet at work.


Barbara Manatee said...

How cute of you to take cupcakes in to work for him!!

KellBell said...

Happy Birthday Dave!! And it's sad how the dinners at McDonald's seem natural. :)

monica said...

Happy birthday, Dave!