Monday, September 24, 2007

We're walking!

Ella is finally taking off. She has gained some confidence now. Last week she was just going between point A and B, and as of this weekend, she just takes off with no known destination. She is so proud of herself, and we are too!

Ella and I went to Illinois to see my dear friend Jennifer and her family over Labor Day. Ella was loved on by all. She even made a new friend! My good friend Lisa has a little boy who is only a couple months older than Ella. They got along pretty good! Ella was cranky though off and on which is odd for her. We thought maybe she was teething. Well when we got back, we took her to the doctor and sure enough she had an ear infection. She felt much better in a couple of days. She had her 15 month appt last Thursday and although she hated it and screamed, she was declared healthy and had actually put on a good deal of weight and jumped to 30th percentile from 5th percentile. That was great news! It was also confirmed that she was teething pretty good again and had some hemorraging in her gums. That doesnt sound fun. Of course right on cue, this weekend Ella got cranky again. Of course there were other factors too.

Which brings me to our excitement this past weekend- my sister and brother and their families all came to visit here in Michigan this weekend. We usually go down there so it was nice to have them come this way. We planned on going to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday. We were all looking forward to spending time together. As we got ready to leave Saturday morning, I started having pains in my left side. It started pretty slight and got sharper throughout the morning. I tried to ignore thinking it would go away, but eventually I said something. We decided I should try to go to the festival and if I needed to leave to go to prompt care I would. When we got in the car and started driving on our horrible roads, I started crying because the pain was so bad. Poor Dave!! He was so great! He didn't freak out when I started crying suddenly. He just stated we were going to the ER, and he called my mom to get Ella. After they gave me something for the pain, it didn't hurt again. The dr who saw me for like 30 seconds told me the whole process would probably take 4 hours because they werent sure what it was. 4 hours later, after the cat scan didnt reveal anything, they tell me I may be there for the night. I cried. I kept telling Dave they weren't going to find anything and they should just let me go home because it stopped hurting. The reason they gave was that they werent sure I could get in for an MRI and have the results before they left for the day. Luckily we got in for the MRI and eight hours after we arrived, we learn that I have a herniated disc in my back. ???? It seems like I am too young for that, but they said its possible that it happened during my pregnancy and is just now beginning to pinch a nerve. Ugh.

The good news is next week I start working from home two days a week and may actually be able to fit in dr appts and therapy if I have to. I know lots of people are telling me I need to take better care of myself but honestly I am!! I sleep better now, things are calmer for the most part, and I just started Weight Watchers again. I WAS planning on starting to exercise a few times a week but I guess I have to take it easy now :(. I have lost 7 lbs so far! Add that to the 7 I lost when I had mono and I am in a much better place! I am excited about that. I can't wait to fit into my clothes again.


Barbara Manatee said...

Oh my goodness!!! what am I going to do with you?? Are you sure you want to do anything this weekend? would you rather us come to you than meeting somewhere?

KellBell said...

Oh poor heather!!! Well at least they figured out what it was and you have a plan! Take care.