Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

So my friend, Barb, always does a wonderful Not Me Monday post and I keep thinking I will do one but I always run out of steam. She got the idea from another blogger whose place I visit from time to time MckMama. The idea is to air your dirty laundry by announcing things that you would never do but actually wished you didn't. It's a lessons learned really :).

Where to start? I did NOT decide to read my book the last two days instead of cleaning up something. I did NOT let me daughter watch 2 hours of Barney on two seperate days. I did NOT punish my husband for playing golf by sitting on my butt last night. I did NOT ignore the baby crying so my husband would get up and get him. I did NOT try to convince him that the baby was just teething and didn't need to eat. I did NOT sleep in until past 8 am even though we were supposed to be getting on the road by 9 am.

And then there was tonight....

I did NOT drag my children out past their bedtime for ice cream. I did NOT decide to carry baby around rather than accept he needed to go home. I did NOT pay $6 for a quart of ice cream. I did NOT forget to let the dog out for awhile and she did NOT pee on the floor. I did NOT forget to change my daughter's pull up yet again. I have NOT been putting my daughter in Pull Ups and then not even attempting to get her to use the potty. That would be ridiculous and a sign of true laziness. I did NOT tuck my daughter in bed 2 hours late. I did NOT just let my baby cry himself to sleep for the first time. Same little boy is NOT still sleeping in the living room because his parents definitely did finish his sister's new bedroom so he would be able to move into her room.

Whew! I do feel better. Feel free to play along!


KellBell said...

LMAO! I really need to do one of these soon.

HeathSaw said...

It was kind of fun and liberating! Helped that this time MckMama had a drawing involved. It's for a cool memory quilt with your child's old clothes. I have been thinking of getting one done or making one myself.

Lysana said...

ROFL!! We do the same thing with Pull Ups. So don't feel bad. I also cracked up at all of your other things - ignoring the baby so your husband will get him - nope, I've never done that, either.

And your bedroom situation sounds like ours, too. We just moved ourselves from the "master" bedroom to the downstairs "guest" bedroom, and we're repainting the "master" for my daughter. Our son (baby) will be getting her old room when all is said and done. Right now, he is bunking in with us (oof).

Good luck getting all the rooms finished! (I know WE need it!) :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Didn't that feel good? :-) nice to fess up and know you're not alone! haha!

I was tempted to let J&S watch several Einsteins yesterday after you left. They watched one so quietly and contently that I wondered if they HAD fallen asleep (I wasn't sitting there with them - was cleaning up the kitchen, starting dinner, checking email, etc...) They were mellow (For a lil while at least) and when they asked to watch another I almost said yes...but knew I'd always get that fight then. ;-)