Friday, February 27, 2009

Ella's New Do

So Ella has a lot of hair. I always did as a kid too. Still do really. it just grows a lot. We had been taking her to one of those kids' haircut places but the last time Dave took her she flipped out. Now it is closed. Her hair has been crazy and if I am not here to do it in the morning, Dave has to take her out and about with two flimsy barrettes. I don't think he even wants to learn how to do it. As long as Ella is good about brushing it, we will keep it long but I really wanted her to be able to have bangs she can see through! I kept telling Dave we just need to pin her down and chop her bangs, but he hasn't been home when I am and he was scared to try when I did mention it. Today after her much needed nap, I asked her if she would let me cut her hair. She looked doubtful but didn't say no right away. So I told her if she let me cut her hair, I would get out her scissors to practice cutting. She sat down in her booster seat and let me cut her bangs! She was so good and didn't even flinch. It's not perfect but she still looks cute!

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Barbara Manatee said...

Good job! You're brave! I'm not sure I'd trust myself...ok, maybe bangs, but I dunno!

Jacob is due for another trim this week or next and I think I'll take Sarah in for her first trim too! Just to tidy it up some! I think she'll be excited - she always wants a turn after Jacob - we'll see when the pull out the scissors! haha!