Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby update week 29

I need to get a baby bump picture but whenever Dave is home, I look awful. Maybe this weekend when we are in Cleveland.

I went to get a checkup on baby today. 29 weeks- 11 more to go. ugh. I have gained 23 lbs which I think is better than I was at with Ella at this point. Still kind of high considering I have 11 weeks to go but it's manageable. Baby's heartbeat is really strong and everything with me is good. I go back every two weeks now. I remember with Ella I was so excited to go to the doctor but this time around, I think it's more work to go more often. I know he's good. He's kicking a lot. He really likes sugar. Yeah who doesn't? My glucose screening was very normal and my blookd pressure is really good. I have been pretty uncomfortable especially when trying to sleep but it comes and goes.

Ella is doing marvelous with her speech. She is just trying so hard. We think we may be up to 25-30 words now but it's been awhile since we wrote them down. She had a really rough week because she had a cold that turned into croup. It wasn't as bad as when she had it as an infant. I really got lots of cuddles that normally don't happen so there is a positive to a sick toddler. Lack of sleep wasn't fun though. She finally stayed in her bed all night last night so it looks like we didn't create a monster this week. Last night we went bowling with my coworkers who really hadn't seen her in awhile. Her little friend Rachel was there with her little brother. They ran and ran. Ella really likes the boys too. She is such a flirt. Everyone was getting hugs last night. I also played Ring Around the Rosey with the girls and Ella said "down" every time we fell down. And she even attempted her friend Rachel's name. It's easy to see that she still struggles to get the sounds out but when she is determined she can do it. She is picking up signs like crazy and except when she is really tired, she uses them to express her needs and even "thank you" and "please".

So that's it for us. Hopefully I will get some fun pics this weekend!

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Barbara Manatee said...

Glad all looked good with you and Lil Luke! Still excited about Ella's night last night, too! I wish I could have seen her!