Monday, December 8, 2008

Parade bust!

So the parade going didn't go over so well. It started out SO much fun and I was excited for Ella. We had her bundled up really good and she was excited and making friends. Then we got outside to line up. They kept us out there for a really really long time. It had to be at least an hour before we even got to the parade route. So by then, nap time had come and Ella did get very cold or at least her hands did. I think because she had to keep getting in and out of the wagon (because of the screaming for me to pick her up) she got too cold and wasn't under blanket anymore. We exited the parade right after we got to the route. I then had to pull the poor thing all the way to Dave's mom's office (in hindsight we should have gone back the way we came but I thought this was closer). By the time we got there she was even colder. She was fine but definitely in need of a nap. She passed out as soon as we got in the warmth. I felt like an awful mom but we had to try. I think if she hadn't gotten so tired, she would have had a blast. She did have fun before we got going and here is the one pic I got with my phone before she hit the wall:

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Barbara Manatee said...

too bad she didn't make it through the whole parade. Hard time of year to wait so long!

We went to a few parades this summer and on one, we left right before the last batch of floats and kind of walked down the parade path back to our car...Sarah was in her stroller, doing the total beauty queen wave - to both sides of the street - waving and saying "hi! Bye!" she totally thought she was in the parade too! hahaha!