Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby update

First off - thanks to my friends for the wonderfully sweet comments. My family has also been so great during this process. Funny thing happened though. That night we took Ella grocery shopping and she was a little chatterbug. Not much we could decipher but she was so happy and cute that my blues just melted away which they often do when I get home. She was singing and laughing and being just generally silly. It turned out to be one of those perfect nights.

I had a OB appt today, and baby is doing great. It was a really easy appt with just listening to the heartbeat and answering some questions. Funny/gross thing happened before hand. It seemed like something out of a sitcom. I went to pee in a cup which you have to everytime. No big deal after so many times of doing it. When I peed in the cup, there wasn't much there and I know I really had to go so I couldn't figure out why. Oh well, no biggie. They had enough. Yeah no big until I went to move the cup and found there was a hole in the bottom!!! Ew ew ew. And then WTH??? So I managed to get the little bit left into a nice new cup with no mess on anything but myself and then washed my hands so I could have nice clean ones when I wrote my name on the cup with a sharpie. When I went to go put the marker down somehow the lid fell into my cup!! Ironic after being so careful to wash before touching the pen. I kept very composed through this whole comedy. I thought about mentioning it but I think it was too embarassing and we will wait to see if they find something weird like ink? I did clean off the cap with soap and water. Hopefully next time the peeing in a cup process will go smoother. Maybe I will double up just in case.


Barbara Manatee said...

So glad to hear about your great night will Ella. :-) She is such a sweet girl and you are such a good mommy. :-)

So glad too that the OB appt went well. I just commented on Kelly's post that I cannot believe that I am at the 30 week mark already! Holy Cow! It is suddenly going by WAY too fast!

Funny about your mishap in the office. Ooops! Last time I was there, the gal that went before me came out embarassed because she had dropped her cup! oops!

KellBell said...

LMAO!! That is the funniest story EVER!! I hate the whole peeing in the cup thing, its so frustrating. Fortunately I get to take a cup home every time so I can fill it at home without the pressure of being in a strange bathroom.