Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My baby is growing up so fast!

So our Miss Ella has decided to start taking leaps and bounds in becoming a true toddler. She talks a lot more but unfortunately we are still not understanding her much but she is talking. We went ahead and scheduled an appointment with Early On thanks to our friend Barb's experiences and recommendation. Her evaluation is on Sept 10. I am sure they will just be telling us she is a late talker but if not at least we know we are getting her some help so she can communicate with us better.

Two down sides to this sudden growing up- her attitude and the end of the crib. First the attitude- oh my lord. She is so sassy and stubborn without saying a word! She has started defying me while looking me straight in the eye. Like when I say- "Ella please don't put your toy in the dog's water"- she will look right at me and do it anyway!!! So we are going to have to implement time outs. ugh. I have nothing against time outs. I am just lazy. So there is that hurdle.

The crib. We have never had any problems with Ella and her crib. She has never tried to climb out. Until today. I was just about ready to give up on nap and get her out to play for a few when we heard Ella start screaming and it sounded really close to the baby monitor. Dave went to get her and found her on the floor. So out came the toddler bed today. We were planning on doing it after the holiday weekend since we are travelling to Illinois, but it looks like Ella wants to start earlier. So as I type this, Ella is sound asleep. She didn't even try to get up and play. We will see what happens at 2 or 3 when she always wakes up for a few.

Wish us luck!!

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Barbara Manatee said...

Good luck with the Early On appointment! I'm sure they'll be able to offer something to help her out and it'll probably be a lot of fun in the process!!

Hope the transition to the toddler bed is a smooth one! I'm dreading that with two and a baby when the time comes!