Saturday, December 1, 2007


These last few weeks have just been so insane. Thanksgiving went great. Dave's mom, my parents, and my sister's family all joined us for dinner. I was in charge of the bird. It was a hit with everyone but Ella. Not a big meat eater right now. She just chewed on it for about 20 seconds and spit it out. I will try not to take that one personally. My nieces and I went to see Enchanted last Friday. Such a great movie!! We had a great time and laughed a lot. It was fun because I don't get to spend that kind of time with them much anymore. Things seem busier sometimes because Dave and I don't see each other much and one of us is exhausted from chasing Ella Bella. Even my mom and sister said she is a very busy little girl. It's no wonder she is so skinny and eats as much as I do.

Ella is picking up stuff so fast now. She's still not saying many words. I think it may be becuase I talk too fast. Apparently there are two "ma"s in our house. Dave is ma too. He used to be "da" but lately she calls us both ma. We are working on calling him daddy every couple of seconds and were rewarded today with a "da". She says "more" a lot. I think that is her favorite. She will repeat things we say too but doesn't seem to remember what they meant. She has mastered both the spoon and fork now, but often resorts to hands when things just aren't going fast enough. She also climbed onto the couch for the first time today. Apparentally food is a big motivator for Ella because she came up onto the couch and sat herself in my lap to mooch my oatmeal. After that big accomplishment, I really couldn't say no. It seems like everyday now she does something that we are just shocked - "where did she learn to do that?" is often said.

Tonight Dave was working. We had a great girls' night. It was just one of those perfect fun nights with lots of laughs and cuddles. I really wished Dave could have been home to see and even document. There were sippie cups on heads and horsie rides and lots of climbing on Gibby (she's such a patient dog). Ella showed true appreciation for her first real glimpse of snow. I can't wait to take her out in it soon.

Ok enough catching up- I will post some really cute pics once I find batteries so I can upload pictures.

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Barbara Manatee said...

I'm so glad you're all doing well! Congrats on the successful turkey dinner!